Multiuse Cookware Design - Personal size cooking pan for users with limited kitchen storage space. Detachable handles allows ease in loading for machine washing.

When handles are remove, pan affords use as a serving dish and food storage container.

Sketch studies of handle featured
Telescoping Wrench - Extendable handle increases mechanical advance for enhanced turning force.
Sketch Studies of Footwear - Ideation of sandal footwear to explore unique profile shapes and foot straping techniques
Inspirational Glyphs - Work inspired by traditional Adinkra symbols native to Ghana, W. Africa.

Symbols developed are stylized versions of orginal glyphs with a more dimensional look.

Wireframe Rhino model of Kwame Nkrumah Memorial (located in Accra, Ghana) featured in composition.
Automotive Go-Cart - Body panels and frame is styled to have a more SUV asthestic to target 16-25 year old consumer base.
Product Material Rendering and Graphic Brand Art
Freelance, Moonlighting
A. Lee
Photography + Content Editing + Audio Production + Creative Art... Charlotte, NC