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Usability evaluation done for an Arabic coffee maker. The findings were presented to the client, and specific ideas were selected and developed.
A part of the interface task flow proposed for the new coffee maker.
A styling analysis of traditional Arabic coffee makers was also done to pick out key elements that can be infused into the restyling of the new coffee maker.
Design of a carrier bag for the appliance.
One of the competitor benchmarking crtiteria was retail price. While this diagram compares only pricing, it also briefly illustrates the differences in features and styling of the products. These details were further elaborated and discussed with the client to understand the client's decided market positioning.
Styling analysis of colours and materials commonly used in contemporary kitchen appliances. This supported a discussion of the varied options available in styling.
A grouping of major kitchen appliance trends in broad terms of health, technology and styling.
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Appliances Design

Samples of work done for a variety of appliance design projects, ranging from competitor benchmarking, usability evaluation, interface design, aesthetic styling analysis, to other research and design activities.

Freelance, Full-time
Parimala Sivaraj
Industrial Design & Product Development Manager Singapore, Singapore