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A mapping out of the user's journey during use of a personal vehicle. Here we can get an immediate understanding of the transitions between environments, the social and physical demands on the user in each scenario, safety issues and more.
Some of the early ideas represented largely in words and some sketches. Color coding allowed for easy grouping of ideas and communication.
The form of a scooter was the basis for the design, as it provides a sense of familiarity to the user, and to others around as well (as opposed to a radically futuristic form). These sketches captured the overall gestural form that we developed further in CAD modelling.
Further idea development through sketches.
A collage of sketches with descriptions to clearly communicate ideas to other collaborators joining the team.
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Flux Mobility Vehicle

A self-initiated project to address the problem of existing motorized wheelchairs that limit social interaction, present a host of safety hazards and have limited personalization. Brainstorming and design development was done together with a fellow designer.

Freelance, Full-time
Parimala Sivaraj
Industrial Design & Product Development Manager Singapore, Singapore