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The final products: the iPhone case, and the interchangeable artwork inserts.
The initial stage involved creating a range of concepts. This was the design selected by the client for further development.
The case was engineered for prototyping, and subsequently for injection-molding. In this stage, my role was mainly to ensure that the design intents/features are maintained and lead the project-related updates and discussions with the client.
Packaging design concepts were also developed, with this concept selected for further refinement matching the client's graphic design.
Sampling and production of the packaging was a stage during which we set parameters for acceptable manufacturing allowances. Setting a narrow margin for error would have led to excessive wastage (due to high levels of rejected units) and made cooperation with the manufacturer difficult. Too wide a margin, and some of the packaging may have gone through to the consumer with defects that affect the user experience.
My colleagues and I were personally involved in doing some of the quality checks, to identify major and minor defects that occur in the manufactured units.
Examples of defects that may occur with injection molding and painting processes.
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Innasoul iPhone Case & Packaging

Our clients' idea was to personalize the phone, while collaborating with artists who produce unique artwork. My role in the project was to develop the structure of phone case, interchangeable artwork inserts, as well as packaging. Then working with the engineering team, manufacturing team and clients, I saw the project through from the initial stages up to manufacturing.

Project cover image credit goes to Innasoul. http://www.innasoul.com/

Freelance, Full-time
Parimala Sivaraj
Industrial Design & Product Development Manager Singapore, Singapore