Golite Consumer Catalog - : Art directed, illustrated and designed this 62 page catalog. : An innovative rebrand for GoLite using fantastical illustrations that was meant to take consumers to the magical outdoors and distinguish GoLite from other brands.
kalanjali ethnic store - : Concepted, illustrated and designed the corporate identity, packaging and collateral : Distinctive branding, using vibrant colors and sophisticated forms, for a unique ethnic cooperative store that appeals to an international audience.
alem international website - : Brand identity and website design : Rebranding Alem International through strong visuals and clean design as a global events management company.
nocturne airways - : Concepted and designed the corporate identity, packaging and collateral : Branding for "Fly by Night", exclusive flights offered by Nocturne Airways, through beautiful, imaginative designs.
alem brochure - : Concepted, illustrated and designed this corporate brochure : A custom brochure that uses diverse design styles, evokes emotions and takes prospective clients through a journey.
Pushpita Portfolio
Pushpita Saha
Lead Graphic Designer Dubai, United Arab Emirates