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So first off I went around online to find some cool simple pepakura tanks. Pepakura is a method of model and costume making that uses paper folding to make the object. When I found a good tank, I took it into the pepakura program which allowed me to modify it quite a bit. I also went and made a very simple geometric torso and arms, and a weird square shape. The next step which I wont show is all the cutting and folding and gluing you need to do to get the forms right.
Magic. The tank and basic shape of the figure are finished.
Next I wanted to make a fun face and hair style that sorta resembled me, or how i typically draw myself. Cartoony and disproportioned. all of this was cut by hand with an xacto knife on simple colored paper.
Stating to come together. The cannon on the tank is actually a straw that i sucked yellow acrylic paint through. it was fastest and easies way to get a good looking cannon.
Another view of what I got so far.
Unfortunately i dont have much process leading up to this point. I build a box out of foamcore board and used a blue paper to create a sky background.
In retrospect, I should have made the scene much larger and the tank remain the same size. It became a little difficult to photograph in the end.
Here you can see the clouds are just hot glued to balsa wood sticks to make them appear to be closer and off the page.
Again, I should have maybe used pins of something thinner. Something to keep in mind for next time.
So after take several low quality photos, i decided an angle like this was best to go with. You can see the buildings, the smoke, clouds and people perfectly and the angle was dynamic.
This was taken with a 3D camera that we have at my school. I wanted to get a more detailed shot of just the tank and little me riding in it.
So after going through about 300 photos of the scene, I decided on this set up. Took it into photoshop and added a bit of color changing, doctoring out the stands that held up the running silhouettes and other small cosmetic things.
Promotional Artist Postcard

This was an assignment in my Illustration II class where we had to design a postcard to advertise and promote our work.
I decided to construct a scene out of cut paper and photograph it as the 2D illustration.