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Teaser Sketch
Senior Capstone Project
Structure ideation
Alternate Design - A sketch render of an alternate design
Highway mode - View of the Køre sailing down the highway. In this mode, the vehicle is swung to one side (the windward side) to keep its stability by using the far wheel as an "outrigger." Additionally, the sail is turned to best use the wind direction to create lift in the desired direction of travel.
Modes of travel - The vehicle can change height and length to best suit where it's being driven. City mode has a shorter wheelbase, and taller stance for safety, as well as a collapsed sail. Highway mode has the sail up and is its full length for better balance and stability while under sail.
Functionality of the Battens - The electrified battens are controlled by the on-board computer which is synced up with a regional anemometer system (a system that maps wind direction and speed). The battens shape the sail such that it creates a low pressure zone on one
side of the sail (exactly like a plane’s wing) . The pressure difference results in the sail, and vehicle, being pushed forward.
Senior Capstone Project
Peter Tabeling
Industrial Designer II at Tennant Co. Minneapolis, MN