Pratt Solidwork 1 Mid-Term Assignment

Now that you have learned the basics of Solidworks sketches, features, assembles and drawing you will use this to create a desk top speaker of your design that we will be finished to final presentation form. The design must include a speaker casing that is shelled and can be manufactured to hold the speaker. A speaker that fits in the case design. Finally a speaker cover that attaches to case. The file should be at least 4 parts, including the case (1-2 parts or more), the speaker and the speaker cover. The speaker overall size should not exceed the dimensions of 5”x5”x5”. All materials should be specified in the drawing file. If your designs runs on USB the plug it must be included in the model. If it uses a standard electrical plus, the plug wire must be included in the model. If you want to say it is Bluetooth connection that is OK as well, but it is will have to clear in the design.

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