Biggest Bourbon Glass ever!
Remember to double check all files before sending them out for samples. If you forget this, you may end up with Giant Samples.
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Concept testing
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Bourbon Glasses render and explanation.
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Form and Scale studies of the glasses
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Plastic molded Caddy, Bamboo Coasters and Glasses assemble.
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Rendering of Bourbon Glasses with Coaster and Caddy.
Neat to Rocks Glass Concept - Final rapid prototyped test model of all parts
Whiskey Glass Concept PTRdesigns 2011

It is widely known that water enhances the flavor of whiskey.
This glass is designed to have a small amount of water added to the bottom of the glass. Then to be placed in the freezer until the water freezes in the small area at the bottom. Remove the glass from the freezer and add bourbon. The bourbon will start out neat and as the solid ice begins to melt the flavor of the bourbon will change. I also developed a caddy for easy storage in the freezer and incorporated bamboo coasters.

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Peter Ragonetti
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