Early sketches of different models
Early sketches of different models
Prototype mold was cut out of plywood with CNC machine.
Prototype mold assembled.
First pressure test for prototype mold.
Prototype mold under 25% of final pressure
Partial pressure was enough to warp 8 mm thick steel.
First test for logo engraving.
Grada sheet is cutted into smalled pieces for heat forming. This is not your typical plywood material.
Grada sheets are getting new surface vaneer.
Out of heat press they come.
Prototype mold 2.0 ready for action.
Mold 2.0 in big hydraulic press.
Before pressing into final form Grada material is heated in heat press.
Immediatly after heating Grada is pressed into final form.
This big press can deliver full pressure.
Little bit of thight fit there.
Look at that! bends were only 0.4 degrees of target.
Plenty= Good.
Here comes the noise!
Curved Grada has suprisingly accurate and uniform dimensions after bending.
Here are final 4 in line.
Sointu´s Logo being embroidered for the first time.
Color of the logo matches quite well to birch.
Front face of Sointu being milled by CNC machine.
Front and back sheets with fabric frame ready for separation.
First pair of fronts and backs with fadric frame finished and ready for assembly.
Fabric frame seems to work. Well maybe.
Terminal fits pretty good.
First glimpse of what front of the speaker will look like.
Sointu is slowly starting to take a shape
Front and back sheets fit into grooves quite nicely
Test assebly reveals small details which needs adjusting.
Change in plans! Back sheets outer face have to be bring out.
This is the reason: I made an mistake while milling grooves bu hand. That what looks like a slip was original position of the groove.
New design for back sheet looks pretty good.
Looks good on top side too.
Sointu gets legs
"Sointu prototype" "EcoDesign 2013"
Sointu logo engraved in fornt.
With the grill in place (sort of) Sointu starts to take it final appearance.
I seriusly hope that dust comes off. We dont have any extra grill fabfics.
Field trip! On our way to take pics of sointu in more photogenic place.
In sun those details come sharper too ( AKA camera needs lots of light)
Sointu logo up close and personal.
... hence the word "prototype"
Grill off. Grill on.
Sointu in natural habitat.
And low angle shot for dramatic effects.
Sointu - EcoDesign 2013 finalist

Sointu is my proposal for the EcoDesign 2013 competition. The assignment was to design an ecological product out of wood. The product had to be made from at least 80% certified wood.

Sointu will be presented at the EcoDesign stand at Habitare fair in mid September 2013.

Pasi Turpeinen
Design Engineer Espoo, Finland