Sole | Logo Concept - For this packaging problem, SOLE shoes asked for a design that was as “green” as their product. The solution was a
multi-purpose folding tote that would house the shoes at point-of -purchase. The tote also serves as a container in which to wash the shoes and conserves the use of plastic bags that are used to carry items home after purchasing by providing the consumer with a handle for carrying. The tote may also be used as a hanging storage container for your closet.
SOLE | Branding Icons - When designing an Identity, icons were created that would further the understanding of the products functions with the least amount of information.
SOLE | Concept Sketching - During the brainstorming section of this project, I frequently sketched several concepts as well as looking into what the market currently has to offer.
SOLE | Flat Layout - This layout simply shows how the bag would look before being constructed into a 3-D soft good.
SOLE - This view of the bag shows the environmentally friendly aspects that this package has to offer. The bag is made from 100% recycled materials or 100% organic cotton.
SOLE | Folding Views - This image shows the package as it folds to house a pair of shoes. The mesh material and drainage holes allow for water to drain from bag while the shoes/bag are in the washing machine. Did you know you could wash your shoes?
SOLE | Glamour Shot - This image is a simple glamour shot of the finished packaging project once the bag was constructed with environmentally friendly materials.
SOLE - Shoe Packaging