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Don't play with cigars, quit smoking - This image created by me was a part of a team presentation. The concept was to use objects that represent a positive effect and associate them with smoking to create a negative image. The wordings we used were homophonic words or phrases that revealed opposite effect from their original meanings.
HUGO CREATE - Elements - Our team participated the HUGO CREATE theme: ELEMENTS. We used four eco-friendy energy generating elements: Bioenergy, Fire, Wind and Water. My creation indicates water power by using the perfume bottle as a resevoir of a dam.
HUGO CREATE - Summertime v1
HUGO CREATE - Summertime v2 - "SUMMERTIME" work taking in the Japanese cultural approach: Bamboo, Wind Chime and the Engawa (Japanese style porch). All these elements show the "cooling" parts of summertime.
A Nike Creation - Design practice using Illustrator 3D effects and filling objects accordingly on the 3D lines.
Batgirl - Movie poster design practice, learned lighting and skin tone adjustment techniques and also used photoshop Emboss & Bevel effect to create 3D text.
Sophie's Wonderland
Graphic Design
Pei-Yi Wong
UX Designer Ann Arbor, MI