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Somewhere I have never travelled
Kongming lantern -

Inspiration:A custom of my hometown--we fly the Kongming lantern festivities
Leave for The Rainland -
Inspiration:The impressions of the novel written by Haruki Murakami
In Your Sightd -
Inspiration:My girfriend who urges me to draw frequently
Mrs.Raindrop - Manuscript: Pencil+Watercolour
Post process: Photoshop+Painter
Inspiration: A photograpgy about girl’s body in water from a Franch artist.
Snowstorm -
Post process:Photoshop
Inspiration:A dream about a girl who become a tree
Eye of Universe - Manuscrip:Pencil+Watercolour Post Process:Photoshop+Illustrator
Inspiration:Myth about geniture of universe and fertility cult of female
Universal hair -
Inspiration:An assumption of our universe is in a gigantic woman’s
hair and the planets
are dandruff of the
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Digital Art-Illustration