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Personal Project: Custom "Settlers of Catan" set

This is a set of laser-cut and engraved plywood tiles to play the popular boardgame "Settlers of Catan" with. It is made to include the "Seafarers" expansion. This is a personal project I started to replace my old and worn set.

Like with the original game, this based entirely on hexagons. I have expanded this idea and based the visual style as well as gamepieces on smaller hexagons. Combined with a few innovations, such as fitting the number tiles in a hole in the land tiles, I was able to fabricate the whole set from one 50 x 100cm sheet of plywood. It includes 66 land and water tiles, 24 town and citiy pieces, 3 instances of each number and harbour chip as well as way too many roads and ships.

Quirin Mühlbauer
M.A. Architecture Munich, Germany