This was my final third year project called: The fashion industry meets the health and well-being market: The future of self-tracking.

This was a self-devised project where I developed a brand, a strategy and a marketing plan to encourage a targeted consumer group to self-track. The brand developed was called One:

One is a leading and innovative clothing brand that promotes, encourages and motivates health aware and fashion conscious consumers with a new mode of seamlessly self-tracking their well-being. With the focus on functionality, the brand is innovating the way in which clothing is being worn within the fitness industry. Due to high obesity rates and poor activity levels in the UK, this brand is going to combat and improve customers fitness and health via self-monitoring fitness wear.

The collection of images below illustrate some of the pages within the brand report and how this brand has been developed. (Not all pages have been included).

Rachel Cracknell
Nottingham, United Kingdom