Exercise in Form and Movement - I was tasked, using basic shapes, lines and dots, to convey movement for a visual design course last semester. The image is a trace of two kids performing Capoeira.
The Bed - I put this together in the early stages of interface design for the Imaging Atlanta project studio at Georgia Tech. I was looking for a way to express the alternative uses of a bus stop in my neighborhood.

This collage is comprised of pictures taken for an interactive panorama (http://gigapan.org/viewGigapan.php?id=644) and scanned lines from Georges Perec's Species of Spaces.
ASL Fingerspelling Chart - This was designed as a supplement for SciTrain (http://www.catea.org/scitrain/) an NSF funded web course for secondary science and math teachers working with students with disabilities.

Using the fundamentals acquired from my visual design course, I made a finger spelling chart that is neatly organized and very legible. It is intended to be used either as a printout or as an on-screen reference.
Jamaican Music - Origins and Influences - Charged with mapping a space with which I was familiar, I chose to map Jamaican music, its sub-genres and their origins and influences.
Jamaican Music - Dub - As part of my mapping project I chose to "zoom-in" on one of the sub-genres of Jamaican music. Here I've presented "The Dub District." The streets feature the names of influential dub producers and studio musicians.
Grad School Graphic Design Stuff

Random exercises and artifacts produced during grad school.

Adam Rice
UI/UX Designer, Pixel Protagonist Atlanta, GA