HTML Maps - Imaging the Site - A working version can be found at the following link:

Using the work of Kevin Lynch as inspiration, I created an HTML parser to grab tags and represent them as elements of an "HTML" city image.

This piece is also informed by my work in the Imaging Atlanta Project Studio at Georgia Tech. For that project we explored various means of visualizing the city-space.
Indirect Manipulator - The working version is available at:

This is an applet I designed to skew the concept of direct manipulation. It's a basic drawing tool that uses mouse coordinates and keyboard commands.
De_Vowel_You - A working version is available at:

Inspired by the constrained works of the OuLiPo and the apocryphal trivia of John Hodgman, I put together De_Vowel_You.

Minus the use of a randomly chosen vowel, users are prompted to write a paragraph within one of Hodgman's "Fifty-Five Dramatic Situations" from his book The Areas of My Expertise.
Grad School: Programming Projects

Screen shots of now extinct projects built using Processing.

Adam Rice
UI/UX Designer, Pixel Protagonist Atlanta, GA