The Kevy cloud app marketplace, select an API, submit credentials, connect. UI is a heavily modified version of a SASS port of Bootstrap 3.
Login to Kevy, login to... fun. Moving clouds were intended to convey a sense of simplicity and ease.
Kevy login for smaller screens. Sky with clouds shrinks and moves to the top.
Sliding Kevy logo and animated custom social icon set. All visuals are Retina/HD friendly. They can be seen in action at
Small screen API connect form. Logo banners were standardized with a Photoshop template file and optimized using ImageOptim. Help text is read from a Google document and part of an ad hoc Google Drive to Rails CMS for Kevy help text, pretty fun implementation.
Small screen nav, custom icons. Icons made with mix of original artwork and Picons, Retina/HD friendly.
Header nav, custom icons. Repurposed Picons are Retina/HD ready.
Sketches, bi-directional syncing. Illustrator.
Kevy, UX and visual design

As the lead UX engineer and pixel protagonist at Kevy, I was charged with creating a UIs and marketing materials.

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Adam Rice
UI/UX Designer, Pixel Protagonist Atlanta, GA