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orb cam
remodeled mixer expolded
Digital Pocketwatch
USB Hub/Vase
Chocolate Milk Mixer
Air Freshener
AM/FM Radio
GPS Flashlight
Satori Air Freshener - 2006 concept for new air freshener technology
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3D Models
Comments (30)
  • sweet

    9 years ago

  • Ah, this is very interesting. I like this concept because it is very simliar to what I've designed. Mine wasn't a camera like yours...it was a hotglue gun concept, but interesting!

    10 years ago

  • i really like your unique and simple style ~ great work ~ good luck to you ^2

    11 years ago

  • great design man

    11 years ago

  • Very good your choose to the combintation colors. Cool!

    11 years ago

Rafael Cerrada
Industrial Design - Product Development - Manufacturing and Sourcing Boston, MA