Swaip The Block

Swap The Block is an addictive logical puzzle game. In this game users have to bring together the matching boxes to complete the puzzles. The idea of bringing together a pair of matching boxes is simple but, gradually advancing in this game, you'd meet with the sound strategic barriers pushing you to think more in-order to crack the puzzle. Swap The Block becomes difficult with every progressing level, with the difficulty in each level of the game increasing spontaneously. Apart from bringing two matching boxes together the game is about strategic and analytic skills. With the number of moves specified, it will become inevitable for you to make only the right moves, which would challenge the strategic and analytic techniques used by you. There is a provision to reset the game and also undo wrong moves. Swap The Block is very addictive; the concept is simple with brilliant analytic progression.

Rajeev Panchal
Creative Designer at Affle AppStudioz Noida, India