Unblock My Car

Unblock My Car Move it! is a challenging puzzle game. You'll need brilliant analytic skills to be a winner or high scorer in the game. Get your car out of the parking lot from amidst the maze of cars in the least possible. Sounds easy but it is a real bit of a challenge. Unblock My Car Move it! is embedded with profound sound effects and captivating animations to give you a more acute experience playing it. Each puzzle in Unblock My Car Move it! is unique; the difficulty level of the game increases gradually with every progressing level making it an interesting & an intriguing puzzle game to play. In Unblock My Car Move it!, your car is kept in a congested parking lot, and your goal is to move it out of there with the least possible moves. Your car is red in color. Move the other cars forming the maze of cars trapping your car, in such a way that your car can roll out of the parking lot. one of best puzzle game in the android market

Rajeev Panchal
Creative Designer at Affle AppStudioz Noida, India