MG MIDGET - The brief for this project was to produce a new MG Midget based on the MG ZR platform. A quarter scale clay model was made as part of the presentation to MG. The vehicle was targeted at premier driving enthusiasts giving the customer oppertunity for both road and track exploration. Produced using Adobe Photoshop CS2
CONCEPT MOYO - Initial concept rendering. Prodced using Adobbe Photoshop CS2
MOYO SKETCH DEVELOPMENT - These initial development sketches enabled me to create the style and character for the concept
This sketching process helped me to resolve any implications in the functionality, form and surfaces.
CONCEPT MOYO - The aim of this project was to design a vehicle which would connect with the customer on an emotional level. My aim was to design something which would achieve it's full potential whether it be viseral, behavioural or emotional.
The idea of this concept was to provoke more smiles. The design ethic behind this concept was to design something fun, enjoyable and a pleasure to look at. 'It should be part of the infrastructure which makes life more pleasurable'
AUDI S1 PIKE PEAKS - 6 week modelling exercise, to produce a CAD modelled vehicle. Produced using - Alias StudioTools 12, Sloidworks, 3DStudioMax and Photoshop CS2
CONCEPT IDEA SKETCHES - Development sketches for initial concept design stage for 'concept colour'. Freehand sketching.
ECO - Environmental vehicle used for all purpose environmental cleaning duties.
COLOUR CONCEPT - The aim of this concept was to evoke emotion using colour. Features included LED lights which displayed messages to encourage the interaction between man and machine. A vehicle which can either stand out of a crowd or blend in. Image created in Photoshop CS2
Automotive Design
Rajen Mistry
London, United Kingdom