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Logo Design, Prime Micro Systems, Pune
Calendar page design - Typographica, Pune - Discription:
Calendar Page design for 2006 small desktop calendar. It has options with other colors combinations as well.

Print Process:
4 color offset printing

Customised - Header and bottom available for branding and advertising
Cost effective, readable, persuasive design.
Dairy page design - for Craftsbridge India Pvt. Ltd. - Diary - inside page design
Not just another diary.

Print Process:
4 color offset printing

Cost effective, Single color design
Maximum usability, high customization

Persuasive design
Innovative design
Brochure front - NCL Pune - Subtle design langauge

Print Process:
4 color offset

One of the prestigious clients
Yaan - Docket Design - Front and Back view - 5 color docket design
With 4 to 5 inserts

It is one of the deliverables of brand building activity.
Vision and Mission statements
Visual brand articulation
Verbal brand articulation
Catch line of the company:
"an eye on your process ...
all the time"

(Yaan - designs and engineers software which keep constant eye on production process and controls the critical activities with the process)

Front design - in detail - Concept eye
Directed towards the core fact of keeping constant vigil on the production process
Yaan - Docket design - Inside View without the docket - Inside page of the docket

Golden yellow in the background brings in enlightmen. The blue eye in front and the yellow creats curiosity an d visual interest. Inserts will be placed in the docket - see next iamge for insert and image later for docket
Overall Inside view - with pouch and insert
Yaan - Inserts with various color coding - this is a one of them for Alcomate - Typical insert - provides product information in depth.

Yaan have 4 products
A color coding is done to the inserts
so that each product insert is unique in itself as the product.
Easily noticable as well.

See next image for docket design
4 Color - docket design to hold inserts - Docket design
This was a die cut and pasted on the
inside wall (yellow)
Insterts to be kept inside this docket pouch
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Print Graphic design
Rajesh Ghodke
Manager / Consultant Interaction Design Gurgaon, India