Duck Hunt - I designed this for an illustration class I took in Spring 2010. It's a mixed media project involving silkscreen printing and cross-stitch.
Super Mario - I designed this based on several screen shots of the SNES Super Mario Bros. Completed 11-16-10.
Batman Christmas Ornament - I made this for a good friend of mine as a Christmas gift. I adapted this from a Batman that I had seen someone make out of those plastic beads that you iron together. I love the metallic thread on his Utili-Belt.
Megaman - Another cross-stitch I created for my class Senior Art Show at Salisbury University.
"K&L Monkeywave" - A farewell gift for my supervisors at K&L Microwave, inspired by a favorite online image of a monkey wearing glasses. You probably had to be there.
A birthday gift for my friend Kara. October 2012
Merry Christmas 2012!
Garrus Vakarian of Mass Effect. January 2013.
A mini-"Duck Hunt" cross stitch as a housewarming gift. Completed 5/25/13.
A play on the University of Maryland's "Fear the Turtle" slogan. Fall 2012.

I enjoy cross stitching non-traditional patterns; I often design them myself.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD