Bumper sticker designs for Urban Evolution, the DMV's most unique and amazing gym! If you take parkour here, you WILL become a ninja warrior.
A promo flyer for the Universities at Shady Grove Priddy Library. July 2013.
A fresh trifold for Marra Forni Wood Fired Brick Ovens. I completed this project from start to finish with copywriting, product photography, photo editing and designing the layout.
A one page ad for Rockville's favorite Italian restaurant, Oro Pomodoro.
Superhero-themed IEEE MTTS banner.
A full page Marra Forni ad - featured in the June 2012 issue of Scene Boston magazine.
A spread from Scene Boston magazine. I designed the ad and wrote the article, although for some reason they did not credit me as the author.
A concept to promote Sardi's Sports Bar's Valentine's Day edition of their weekly Karaoke night.
K&L Catalog Web Banner - Another of several web banners I have designed for K&L Microwave of Salisbury, Maryland. This one advertises that their complete catalog of products is now available on their website, klmicrowave.com.
K&L Global Sales Web Banner
I am also dependable.
The tree bulb. Istockphoto, what can't you do?
The K&L Microwave work shop.
This is a trade show booth background advertising Low PIM (passive intermodulation) products. This design was printed as a reusable fat head sticker. I would have preferred a cleaner layout, but it is quite large (80" x 72") and all of the implements were deemed necessary by the marketing department. We can't help that K&L Microwave has a lot of awesome products.
Web banner featuring the "Map Guy" from the Quality print ad.
Advertising low Passive Intermodulation in K&L Microwave products.
Microwave Journal Banner - This is a web banner promoting K&L products featured in Microwave Journal. My illustration depicting low passive intermodulation in this banner was also featured in a microwave journal article.
Every year at the IEEE MTT-S Engineering Symposium, K&L Microwave hands out a custom tote-bag. This is my design for the 2010 Anaheim conference tote, made during my student internship. I was particularly excited for this project, since my design went home with engineers from all over the world who attended the event.
A logo for Ladybird Studios of Salisbury, Maryland. The client asked me to base her logo on her sketch, shown at left.
Logo for the North Dorchester Girls' Varsity soccer team. The head coach was kind enough to give me this jacket!
A web banner advertising K&L Microwave's involvement in the IEEE MTT-S trade show.
Tote Bag Work In Progress. The finished product came a long way from here!
Table Marker - We had an issue at Macky's of people buying drinks from the bar and then sitting at tables that have waitresses. I proposed to the managers that we put one of these on each table in a plastic table tent. I wanted this to sound polite to the reader. Thoughts?
I made this five color design to be screen printed onto promotional bags for the 2011 IEEE MTT-S trade show.
DHAS Newsletter - The front page of the Delmar Historical and Art Society newsletter, March 2011. This image can only be viewed properly if you click to enlarge.
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This web banner announced K&L's involvement in "Chickenstock," a concert fundraiser for United Way. My inspiration for this banner was imagining what it would look like if Steven Tyler and Slash made a baby that was a Perdue Chicken.
K&L creates microwave and RF filters that are used in everything from Mars rovers to cell phone towers.
Bandpass Promo Banner - Can also be viewed with some of my other web banners at www.klmicrowave.com
2 A 'T' Cleaning Company - A card and logo that I designed for a cleaning company based in Ocean City, Maryland.
GPP Chart - One of many product demonstration charts for K&L Microwave.
"Innovation" Banner - This is a 7' high standalone banner for use at K&L Microwave trade show booths.
Hiring Banner - One of a set of three web banners created to advertise open positions on klmicrowave.com
Hiring Banner - One of a set of three web banners created to advertise open positions on klmicrowave.com
Hiring Banner - One of a set of three web banners created to advertise open positions on klmicrowave.com
Marra Forni is ETL & NSF Approved! - I made this for the Marra Forni wood-fired pizza oven company. They wanted an image to include on their website as well as on printed documents and mailers so that potential clients will know that their products are all ETL and NSF approved. www.marraforni.com
Coffee Division - Just a simple letter-sized page layout to showcase to clients what products Euro Gourmet's coffee division has to offer.
Custom Pizza Ovens Web Banner - A web banner to promote Marra Forni's custom tiled ovens. I took and edited the photograph of the stainless steel oven, and created the banner.
Product Locator Ads - This is a set of two 2"x4" ads to be placed in "Restaurant Daily News." RDN is distributed both at the National Restaurant Association show this year in Chicago, as well as in all of the surrounding hotels. The oven on the left is wood-fired, the right is gas-fired.
Marra Forni Presentation Board - This presentation board traveled to the 2012 National Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago. I enjoy paper crafts. One day I may have kids. And those kids will have Science Fair Project Boards of such spectacularity that No Child Left Behind will become "Every Child Left Behind- Except Randie's."
A business card for Edward Doe, DJ at Tex Entertainment. Give him a call if you are in the Washington DC area!
A quickie Facebook promotion for Euro Gourmet of Beltsville, Maryland.
A 1/4 page ad for Pizza Today magazine, February 2013.
Chanterelle - You know you want it. A Facebook promo for Euro Gourmet.
A Marra Forni Facebook cover photo. The blank area near the volcano is reserved for the overlapping profile picture.
A Marra Forni ad for the 2013 National Restaurant Association Show.
A letterhead design for the Association of Jewish Libraries, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2014.
Coming to a Vocelli Pizza box near you! Manassas friends can take advantage of this 50% off coupon to the best gym in the DC area, designed by yours truly.
Graphic Design (Client Work)

A variety of graphic design projects for various clients.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD