Eels Hombre Lobo Gig Poster - Just a gig poster that I made for class.
Typography Poster - In my graphics II class, we created our own typefaces and promotional materials. This is my poster featuring my type by my imaginary type foundry, "Der Blaue Typebird." The typeface itself is called "Birdlike." "Der Blaue Typebird" is also represented by the cartoon bird at the bottom.
Typebird Booklet - The back side of my CD booklet that accompanies my typeface. It is a 3 panel accordion fold.
Typebird Booklet - The front side of my CD booklet that accompanies my typeface. It is a 3 panel accordion fold.
Typebird CD Traycards and label - The CD label and Traycards for my typeface. The image on the CD label and inside traycard match up when the CD is placed in the case. Photos of the actual mock-up coming soon.
SU Outdoor Club Poster - A poster I made for the Salisbury University Outdoor club. I also made a "clean" version minus the expletive, but I find that one less entertaining.
A Day in the Life - A project for my Digital Imaging class. Not really my best work, but there is no wrong way to scrapbook. I made it tabloid size so that I could easily cut it in half after printing and create two facing pages in my scrapbook. The assignment was simply to document a day in your life, and luckily my birthday was right around that time.
Illuminated Initial - This is a recently updated project from an early graphics class. We made our own illuminated manuscript pages based on movie reviews. Originally mine was illustrated, but this time around I thought I would try something different. This was a good exercise in page layout.
Tulip Stain Lifter - My marketing statement along with photographs of my finished package design. Tulip is a stain remover (similar to Shout or Stain Stick) geared toward the environmentally aware "Whole Foods" shopper demographic.
Lift Stain Stick - Lift is a stain pre-treater geared toward the typical big box grocery store shopper. Shown above are my Lift logo, marketing statement, and photos of my finished product.
Outdoor Club Hoodie - My design for the Salisbury University Outdoor Club hoodie contest. Depending on how many graphic design students are in the club this year I may win by default. Fingers crossed!
Graphic Design (Student Work)

Projects that I completed for class credit during my time at Salisbury University.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD