I felt simultaneously inspired by Grumpy Cat and my solar-powered-waving-paw Good Luck Cat when I created this in Adobe Ilustrator.
Extreme close-up! A housewarming gift for a dear friend. 08.07.12 Conversation on 08.09.12: Mom: You drew that bird? It's really good! Me: Yeah I drew it on Tuesday. It was from a picture of a parrot on a flatscreen TV box, haha. Mom: LOL Never waste an opportunity.
Sriracha and Cholula duke it out. My co-worker Aaron and I entered Foodiggity.com's Food Face Plate Giveaway with an original Food Face design. Template shown at left, our "Film Noir Food Face" design shown at right.
A technical illustration that I made for a Marra Forni wood-burning oven trailer. The white gap is meant for Willowsford Farm's custom oven.
"Arm" Linocut - A class assignment in which we had to choose a three-letter word, and illustrate it using imagery of said word.
Pixel Art - This "Monkey with Glasses" icon was my first icon for K&L Microwave.
Pixel Art - This is the 16X16 icon that accompanies it's 32X32 "Monkey with Glasses" counterpart. Made for one of many awesome K&L programs.
Pixel Art - I suggested this as an icon for a K&L program. The outcome remains to be seen.
Pixel Art - An icon I made for a program at K&L called ATS.
Charcoal Still Life. Fall 2008.
Tree Frog - A watercolor within an acrylic painted wooden frame. 2009
Please Tip the Band - My friend Jamaal plays in a band called Vanity, based in Salisbury, Maryland. He asked me to paint this to promote tipping at their shows. So far the results have been good! Acrylic on canvas. I apologize for the sub-par image quality. It is an issue that comes up a lot when posting my older pieces.
A present for my mom. Acrylic on Canvas. 9-23-12
My first oil painting. Fall 2009.
A colored pencil drawing for my special friend whose last name is actually Fournier. December 2012.
My desk at home. Fall 2012.

Never waste an opportunity.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD