"La Fabbrica" - At Marra Forni, I photograph and Photoshop newly built ovens for our online gallery.
I edit photos of every Marra Forni oven.
Fountain - The Fulton Hall Fountain at Salisbury University. Fall 2010
Mandie and Jessie - Enjoying dinner on my 21st birthday, Fall 2009.
An Eye for Landscapes? - I'm not sure if it is too obscure to notice at first glance, but what I really like about this photo is the landscape reflected in the horse's eye. If you feel one way or the other about this, leave a comment.
View from the Eiffel Tower - Yes, it is exactly as the title implies. Summer 2005.
Downtown Salisbury - Fall 2009.
Susanne & Ben - I consider this a social commentary on the lengths we go to to save money in college. Fall 2009.
No Doubt, Paramore & The Sounds - The big finish at a No Doubt concert. Camden, New Jersey- Summer 2009.
Swallow Falls - Savage River/Swallow Falls camping trip, Fall 2009.
Claire's House - Summer 2010
Snake - At the Baltimore Aquarium, Spring 2010.
A promotional shot for Euro Gourmet of Beltsville, MD.
Product Photography - I enjoy this photo because I consider this particular model to be the Darth Vader helmet of wood-burning ovens.
Photography/Photoshop of a Marra Forni oven. This particular oven can be found at Kings Supermarket in Bedminster, NJ. When I took the photo, the "feet" of the oven stand were all taped and cardboarded for shipping, so I had to create some in Photoshop!
A fun little bit of Photoshop to congratulate Marc on his new position as a bus driver for the University of Maryland.
The Universities at Shady Grove- After a little Photoshopping that dreary weather and utility box cleared right up. August 2013

Some photography for work and play.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD