Down on the Corner - My stained glass piece for the SU Senior Art Show. It measures a big 25" by 18"-my largest project yet. Big thanks to Glass by Grammy of Salisbury, Maryland for all of their help and support!
Spider Man - I made Spidey as a birthday gift for a friend. This image isn't of the best quality, due to the camera I was using at the time.
Star Panel - A present for my mom- the second stained glass project I ever made.
Stained Glass Birdhouse - My first 3D project! I made this quite a while back when I first started working with glass. The bottom is hollow and there are vents under the roof so that a candle can be placed inside for an ambient glow.
Autism Puzzle Piece - I made this for a former co-worker whose son was diagnosed with autism. The pattern symbolizes putting the puzzle of autism together.
Glass Flowerpot - A white-on-tan flowerpot that I created out of stained glass and which now lives on top of my television. This photo showcases the texture of the glass very well, particularly on the right hand side.
Crab Glass - I made this for a client when I was in high school. Yes, that is a real sea shell soldered in there!
Calla Lily - I apologize for the poor image quality. This is a scan of a quite old photo that I touched up a little bit in Photoshop.
Sea Turtle - I made this as a gift for a former boss of mine. The spots of dark green on the turtle's shell are bubbles in the glass.
Tree Frog - Just a quickie suncatcher project. I like that the bubbles in the glass sort of simulate the texture of lumpy frog skin.
Cardinal - A commissioned piece for a friend of mine. She gave it to her son who played for a local baseball team, the Cardinals.
Fatty Cat - This is one of very few projects that I have kept for myself. The photo doesn't do justice to the contrast of the green eyes against the rest of the cat. They are actually glued on glass globs.
Repair - This is actually the front door to my friend's father's house, which he made about 20 years ago and which I repaired in early Summer 2010. The panel I worked on is at the bottom right. There were several cracked pieces which had to be replaced, but I was mostly able to salvage what was there. Stained glass repairs are always pretty labor intensive, but I'm proud of the result.
This "Navy" beveled panel is about eight inches tall and eighteen inches wide. The clear beveled glass around the edges creates a prismatic effect when light shines through. I sold it on Etsy to a buyer in Annapolis (of course!).
The Black-Eyed Susan, Maryland's state flower. Fall 2012.
July 2013.
Stained Glass

One of my favorite hobbies! I also work for commission.

Randie Hovatter
Graphic Designer/ Stained Glass Artist Rockville, MD