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Bent plywood.
RISD school project
TRANSFORMING TABLE - Iso is a coffee table that has a base that can take a variety shapes depending on the space available or preference of a user. It is designed with eight isosceles that are connected by a canvas hinge. Depending on the base shape desired, the number of glasses needed on the top will vary. These glasses are stablized by steel glass receivers on meeting ends of glasses.
CHEESE CORTELLO SET - In this project, we were working for an Italian flatware company, Sambonet, that wanted to design something new for an Italian parmesan cheese brand Grana Padano's 50th year anniversary. It went through three intense phases; thorough research of both Grana Padano and Sambonet, concept development, and model making. 2003
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RISD work
Ranhee Butler
Design Director | Product Development Hawthorne, NY