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NeedleDrop Records - Main entrance to NeedleDrop Records, Rochester, NY
Enclosed window display area and added steel bars for security.
Stairs to main floor - Custom railing to provide safety from customers falling to the lower level as well an aid for traveling up the stairs.
Record display rack - Custom record display rack and shelves next to the check out area.
Window display - Functional built-in barn door window display with hidden storage
Hidden storage - Hidden storage above the window display that uses a system of pulleys to open
Lighting - Custom painted lights and exposed beams
Main Counter - Main counter built with reclaimed wood found in the ceiling during the demo.
Glass display case and audio listening bar - Headphone display slides on a track for ease of use by both employees and customers. Display case made with reclaimed wood and glass.
Audio Bar - Audio bar for customers to try different headphone types before purchase. The bar is constructed of reclaimed pallet wood as well as lathe board.
Audio Bar - Close up of the Audio Bar built from pallet wood.
Glass Display Case - Custom glass display case for display cartridges, needles, and turntables. All of the glass on the sides of the case were cut and reused from the rear entrance door which was replaced.
Glass display case
Glass Display case - Rear view of display case and hidden storage under the counter of the audio bar.
Overview of main floor space - Overview of main retail space. The floor was raised approximately 4 inches due to uneven work in the past. All record bins, shelves, and displays built and finished by hand.
Glass display case and audio bar - Rear view showing drawers leading to storage underneath the display and audio bar.
Speaker shelves - Custom speaker shelves clamped to exposed I-beam which provide music throughout the store.
Shelves - Old door frame utilized for built-in shelving to display new LP's. Exposed pipe reveal for aesthetics.
Shelves - Detail view of built-in shelves.
Shelves - Shelves built using plywood and threaded rods to hold the turntable which plays music throughout the store.
Floating Shelves - Custom built floating shelves installed with a cleat system and threaded rods. Tested to support over 200 lbs.
Floating Shelves - Detailed view of threaded rod assembly.
Floating Shelves - Detailed view of mounting point on wall.
Office - Office space used for client meetings
Office - View of the office and custom made file cabinent.
Office Desk - Desk made from reclaimed lumber recovered during the original demo with a spray finish.
FIle Cabinent - File cabinet with same spray finish used on the desk.
Desk/Display - Display area for the sale of store merchandise.
Hidden restroom door - Concealed restroom door with a push activated mechanism
Hidden door opened - Concealed restroom door in the open position.
Refinished waste basket
Lighting - Lighting close-up
Construction - Demo + construction of NeedleDrop Records
Construction - Demo + construction of NeedleDrop Records
Construction - Exposing brick, I beams, pipes, and removing the drop ceiling.
Construction - New lathe board found while taking out the drop ceiling which was later used to build the main counter and display case in the store.
Construction - Under three layers of carpet and tiles there was a beautiful floor waiting to be sanded and refinished. Final coats applied using lambs wool.
Construction - Custom built-in shelving unit directly behind main counter.
Construction - Main counter installed, lighting finished, and shelving unit painted.
NeedleDrop Records

NeedleDrop Records located in Rochester, NY. Built and designed exclusively by Rashid Sadki and Gregory Combs. All work done in-house from demolition to furniture construction.

Rashid Sadki
Industrial Designer Covington, KY