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Fog (mlha)

when the fog lifts up, something is hidden and something comes out. melancholy of privacy, fears, our insecurity. contemplation over the game of lights which is resurrected from the curtain of fog and which disguises the city and all surroundings with impervious visibility. reflextion on the fog personification in book lovers (elfried jelinek) and others. comparing female thinking in the last century and today. the position of women to live with a man and marriage and their life without them. i’m trying to understand the mindset of women, which to me is blurred. at present the t-shirts with print the book pages with quotes that are strong and reflect today’s thinking women. (but not all women) in the book are stories of two women. brigita (brunette) and paula (blonde). one has a future second losing it. the whole story figuring men who influence girls life …

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Jakub Rathouský
visual merchandising Tally Weijl Prague, Czech Republic