Illustration/Portrait First i started with a sketch i came up with, then i proceeded into Illustration where i redefine the lines, and i added color. Usually this is the way i draw, the reason i had this done in Illustrator is because i wanted to see how my Animation looks like once you add the color and everything else
Illustration/Portrait Mainly for fun, after i did well with some other sketches edited in Illustrator i decided to draw just one more portrait, and i drew this particular character. She has that geek looking, glasses and the color of her hair, that was my main goal.
Illustration/Portrait Another drawing of mine, sometimes to get inspire i draw strangers. I don't give much of realistic drawing, my focus is in cartoons and basically that's how my drawings would end up looking like.
Characters Concept

Project of my own and my own characters as well, made with Illustrator. I began with simple sketch of what i have in mind, then i place the image into Illustrator and start doing lines and choosing colors