Comic Con Poster This poster is my Term 2 project, in which we had to chose an event and draw a poster for that event. I chose to put one of my own characters in the poster, because since Comic Con is all about comics, she was perfect for that. I gave this poster a comic page feeling, with the balloons and the texture in the background.
Fruit Crate Label A term 2 project. In this project we had to draw a fruit crate label, i chose strawberries or Fragelo(in Italian). The fields are made with a special tool that is within Illustrator, the typography is text with one or more layers of stroke.
Coraline Book Art Cover The main point here was to draw and illustrate a book cover for children. I picked Coraline, because of the gloominess of the story itself. The lightning of the room was the hardest part and it had be connected somehow to the characters and the photos on the wall, coraline and the cat are my own designs
Portrait This is my sister, she is interested in this video game called Assassins Creed and so i decided that instead of doing a self portrait i was going to use my sister, personally i don't like people taking photos of me or i don't like taking photos of myself. It was going to be just the head and the hood but since i had more time left i decided to make whatever fit in the frame.
Portraits, Posters and Covers

Art cover for a book, posters, labels and other product type related things, magazines, newspapers and so on. All done with Illustrator, using the same techniques.