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Concept Development - Concepts developed from a research study focusing on the future of dental practices.
Painter & Photoshop.
Exhibition Design - Layout a Traffic Flow - Exhibition space was divided in zones that would showcase different aspects of the designs. Visitors would pas through the space and interact with the environment.
Rhino & Vray.
Concept RFID Patient Token - Visitors to the show were able to choose from a selection of tokens containing data, that would change the way they experienced the environment.
Rhino & Vray.
Experience Design Components - Design and fabrication of solid Corian RFID table and tokens.
Rhino & Vray
Theme Design - The choice of themes were designed to produce specific results. Based on color theory, themes used colored light to induce changes to the patients physical and emotional state. Dynamic LED lighting, directional sound and video content were used to immerse the visitors into their chosen themes, thus alleviating stress and anxiety.
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IDS Exhibition Cologne 2003 - Experience Design
Russell Blanchard
Senior Industrial Designer Brooklyn, NY