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Concepts -
Conceptual or visionary design work like this like this edgy augmented reality face mask help illustrating the cultural contexts future technologies live in and are simply fun to do!

This design was created for an article on future technologies for T3 magazine and later re-used by HP for their HPenvy commercial featuring Dr.Dre
Consciousness -
the world is already flooded with (even good looking) devices, objects and gadgets - and we can't just continue blindly to throw out even more. As designers we are part of the producing industries and partly responsible for the downsides of mass production and mass consumption.
Is a new design really necessary, do people really benefit from it and does it make their lifes better by any means?
this image shows a revolutionary smart phone design I created for a large korean technology corporation. Housing parts were re-usable and recyclable, the inner architecture was upgradable, the usability benefited from a very smart dual-screen architecture to sustain battery life and reduce charging cycles.
A device that was designed to last and become a keeper.
Furniture design -
The 'royal' discipline- Its been a while but i am still extremely proud of this frighetto design i have worked on during my time at lovegrove. It combines several attributes that i believe are right in design: conscious use of material, an innovative appearance, a lightweight architecture and a contemporary styling.

Frighetto Oasi, 1999, Ross Lovegrove
Medical design -
Award winning design of a lithotripter for storz medical switzerland,
Medical design is seriously in motion. Finally convergence and holistic product experiences take a belated foothold into modern surgery environments and by conducting user centered design and research processes we are able to develop meaningful devices for the medical staff, the patient as well as the purchase decision makers.
Beauty -
Redesign of the famous Bullerjan classic wood burning stove. Just received the IF award.
I enjoy projects a lot that have the power to create an emotional impact by sheer beauty and delicacy in execution.
Capital intensive goods -
Design can help to not only create smart solutions that lead to better performance or more effective production- but also to generate a higher acceptance of negatively charged technology like this CCTV camera.
Innovation -
Design is a driver for innovation- and no longer about generating diversity. I design experiences- not products- and see the biggest chance for design in understanding the needs that are revealed by new technologies.
Quality -
This microphone is part of a product family around video conferencing and just entered the shelves. It comes without any visible hardware buttons- everything is beautifully integrated and hidden as capacitive zones underneath aluminum and PMMA. Perception of quality is more important than ever and Apple has shown us that we should never accept restrictions given by production standards.
Convergence -
A product experience is always holistic!
We are facing more and more products that have a digital component and fewer and fewer products whose design is indicated by their functions. This domotics control panel is a good example of a device that only comes to life if hardware and software speak exactly the same language and follow a common logic to allow for the customer to experience a coherent and positive brand story.
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