officeBOMB - a kinetic toy meant to eliminate office bordom and insight spontaneous havoc
THEORYcommunication - Every movement we make throughout our daily lives carries some kind of communication. By how we stand, we can be perceived as being confident, intimidated, eager, or calm. What if there was a way to communicate answers to meaningful questions.
Are we hungry? Are we dating anyone? Has our day made us happy? These questions are common questions in everyday life that need not be asked if we can quickly collect an answer. By knowing information about someone else, a conversation can quickly be initiated. This ring starts basic communications based on basic human emotions: attraction, hunger, and happiness.
To not cause confusion for those who would want to wear a ring just to match their dress, the last band is available to not confuse others by clarifying possible mixed signals.
Lastly, the ring provides a low level of entertainment and stress release for the user. By concentrating on a small activity, one can relax by rotating bands of color around the ring.
The ring is a beneficial and a stylish way of new communication allowing for human interactions based on basic emotions. As humans, we need interaction with one another, and this ring provides a clear channel to exchange thoughts.
Scott Reamy