Bottega Bocconi

Bottega Bocconi is Aquidneck Island’s only authentic Italian deli and market.

Dedicated to inspiring their local community and curating the ultimate Italian food experience, real recipes are brought back from the kitchens of Italy to enjoy at home.

The logo is meant to evoke an old-world feel; the three arches an ode to Head Chef, Marco Minieri’s home city of Bologna. Within are primary ingredients used in Italian cuisine: wheat, grapes, and tomatoes. Surrounding the arches a crown of laurel symbolizes mastery and knowledge of Italian tradition.

The tagline reads, “Bring home a bite of Italy” – a play on words as Bocconi not only references the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan, but also the Italian word “boccone” meaning “mouthful” or “bite.”

The secondary mark pertains to the educational branch of Bottega Bocconi. The Latin, “Studiorum Cibus” translates to “Food Education” as they seek to teach their local community the ways of authentic Italian cooking.

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Rebecca Brayman
Graphic Designer & Digital Consultant Stonington, CT