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The Romare Bearden cityscape turned out better than I expected. I mostly used clipping masks and layer styles in my project. The only problem I had was with the adjustment layers since I did not attach the adjustment layer to effect the layer I wanted. In order the makes the objects in the cityscape, I attached a clipping mask onto the layer. I would then color the clipping mask with black to erase unwanted parts of the mask. In order to
make the process easier, I used the quick selection tool. In order to add a sense of form into the objects I used layer styles such as bevel and emboss and drop shadow. For my next project, I will remember to attach the adjustment layer to only affect certain layers. It will be easier to change the hue/saturation. This project showed me how effective clipping masks are as a form of non-­destructive editing.

Rebecca Chow
Cartooning Student New York, NY