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“Creating meaning can be described as a process, starting as perception through the senses (see, hear, smell, touch, taste) to emotions leading to an ‘Erlebniss’. This ‘Erlebniss’ adds to ‘Erfahrung’ and subsequentely to ‘meaning’.
Through this experiment the project tries to “play” with the senses and with the previous visual memory. Without any need of product construction, the objective was to notice if the “visual memory” of a material remains if it is inside other environment/material.
Different materials as thread (soft, warm, cozy and comfortable) and steel wool (cold and rough) was insert on a translucent resin – don’t affecting the color and aspect of the material – in a way that when touching the resin (cold and smooth) a surprise or a strange feeling and even a preference happen.
This experiment was developed to study the material perception to later incorporate it on products that arouse our feelings.
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Design, SENSATIONS and EXperieNCE
Milene Rebuzzi
Designer Belo Horizonte, Brazil