The Rough Drafts - T-shirt design for this years performance of The Rough Drafts at the STC conference in Chicago.
You Guys Wanna Go See A Dead Body? - Limited edition t-shirt to help raise money for the 7th Street Skateboard park in Wilmington, DE. The park is located on the outskirts of the city, at the end of a long, deserted road. The locals usually make jokes that the only reason someone would go out that far would be to dispose of a body. The design for this shirt references the film, Stand By Me.
ABNRML - T-shirts designed for ABNRML screenprinters in Newport, DE. Each design offers a variation on the rorschach test, often used in psychiatric evaluations.
ABNRML patient - T-shirt design for ABNRML screen printing in Newport, DE.
Joe Castro Brevoort
Graphic Designer/Artist Prospect Park, PA