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Right Angle Tummy Triangle: 3 Stages - Adjustable toy bar with three different positions to accommodate various stages of growth. Designed for infants from 0-6month.
Right Angle Tummy Triangle: Final Product - Designed in collaboration with pediatric occupational and physical therapists, the tummy triangle is uniquely angled to help baby enjoy tummy time and develop core muscles. Currently on the market. Video of product usage at:
Right Angle Tummy Triangle: First Prototype
Right Angle Tummy Triangle - Early color study for tummy triangle
Right Angle Tummy Triangle: Baby Testing & models - The angle and features of the product were tested with infants with the input of parents. Placing a baby on his/her tummy time is a crucial step towards future milestone development. The tummy triangle is intended to ease the discomfort and create a fun and stimulating atmosphere for both baby and parent.
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Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle

Product development of the Right Angle Tummy Triangle, from concept to final product. The Right Angle was developed in collaboration with pediatric occupational and physical therapists.

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Regina Donovan
Senior Toy Designer Hudson, OH