Heavy Bike "Dnepr K-650" - This bike certainly have seen any resident of the ex-CIS countries.

And certainly, they were dirty, shabby, with rusty parts oldies. But under the scruffy, downcast, at first glance appearance an attractive classic motorcycle is hiding. This beauty was the inspiration in creating of this work.

The model was made by real drawings.

Mustang classic - Ford Mustang is one of the most beautiful muscle-cars that have become classics. There was a great desire for making this beautiful car in 3D! This is not a serial car, it has modeled using photos of different models, but with a similar design. In the result modificaion connected best in our view elements came out.

Chester - The studio visualization of a classic leather sofa.
"Modern-classic" studio - Modern interior of the elite building apartments with using of classic elements. This interior combines the kitchen zone equipped with modern furniture and the cabinet zone presented in classics.

Kuybishev kitchen - Rendering of the corner-based kitchen in a small block flat in Dnipropetrovs'k, Ukraine.
Anton Nazarenko
3d Generalist Kiev, Ukraine