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UX Oxford meetup talk

A designer journey - from the advertising industry to UX design.

As an Art Director in the advertising industry, my role was to think creative early morning to late night. As long as it adhered to the planning strategy, the sky was the limit for the big clients with the big budgets. From a small and clever idea to big productions - the creative team’s objective is to catch people’s attention. I started to search for a new career path, UX design was the perfect answer. Working for the right companies that create positive products (sometimes products that make a change for a better world!) would enable me to shape products in a way that makes them better, more useful, intuitive and fun to use.

But does shifting to UX/UI design in a tech company means no more creative thinking? Not necessarily. In my talk, I will review the differences between creative thinking and process in these industries and the similarities.

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Reut Leibovich Blat
Product Designer Ra'anana, Israel