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Bagheera Design Concept 2016
Bagheera Design Concept 2016
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Matra Bagheera Design Concept 2016

Starting from conceptual sketches, I decided the main lines that design the body shape thus to make always recognizable the Bagheera’s soul. Imagining the style I gain both the details from the first and the second Bagheera model trying to merge them in a pleasant mixture with a strong aesthetic impact.
The main peculiarity of the Bagheera had not to be missed like the three front seats, the hidden headlights and the central engine. Obviously, thinking about it like the Bagheera of the future, I thought to it like a completely electric and zero emission car, here-hence the reason to show it in total green “dress”.
Every element has been studied so as to directly remind the past model even though it is totally new.

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