Urban Ghost - Designers need to understand their surroundings in order to reinterpret them, photogrphy allows you to do that very efficiently.
Condo in Florida - The use of new texture materials, alongside to having cascading water, creates the illusion of a modern oasis, where technology and nature mix in order to provide confort and luxury.
Condo in Florida 2 - It's my belief that a succesful design should be a sensorial experience in order to prevale through time, regardless of trends or fashion.
Trade Show Booth - TRade shows are great challenges, you must have a quick design answer that meets you clients needs an philosophy,put it toghther in a very tight schedule, and have dramatic and spectacular results.
reception desk - The ability to use different mediums to express an idea is fundamental now days. Being able to sketch one's thoughts in a piece of paper and then translate them into something tangible, construtible shows understanding of the materials and of the production process.