TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Design Proposal (1a) - London 2012 organisers have asked for a viewing platform, which should be powered by renewable energies.

I am proposing a design that relates to the Olympic aim and political background, using diverse forms as a vehicle to explore the relationship between hidden and secretive political elements and movements which have infiltrated and could be conceived as the backbone of the Olympic spirit. The political lobbying and leverage are often emphasized and embellished by the media.
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform External Visual - The exaggerated forms will be linked and joined to create a highly aesthetic, architectural statement, suggestive of the Olympic spirit which should always be made transparent and placed above political differences. The platform will use a modern materials palette which is in keeping with current designs put forward by Zaha Hadid. Sustainability is also going to be a key feature of London 2012, so the platform will be powered by renewable resources.
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Internal Visual
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Model (1a)
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Model (1b)
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Model (1c)
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform Design Proposal (1b) - ‘From 1984 Sorbonne Congress to the present, and seemingly with no chance of cessation, nations with opposing political ideologies, domestic and foreign policies, have used the Olympic games as a political lever against their adversaries.’
TDEX 210 Olympic Platform
Richard Bracken
Spatial Design BA (Hons) Student Bristol, United Kingdom