Mark Randall Lecture Poster - Created to announce a lecture by Mark Randall of WorldStudio Design & Foundation at the School of Visual Arts in New York as part of the program's guest lecture series. WorldStudio Foundation helps to promote socially responsible and ethical design practices.
M. Carchedi Brochure - Designed and written for an Italian fashion stylist and custom tailor, the identity and brochure combine classic elements with a refined and eclectic style. The brochure was designed in the format of an alphabet book. Each letter highlights a service, term of art, or an example of her work. Original illustrations and photography were created and used throughout the brochure.
Spark: Designer as Author - The School of Visual Arts 2006 MFA Design Thesis Exhibition was titled Spark. It showcased the work of twenty-one graduate students who conceived and authored original, marketable and viable ideas that both fill a necessary gap in today's society and ignite compelling cultural discourse. During the opening reception, promotions in the form of a notepad housed in a matchbook structure were given out.
Licor 43 Holiday Packaging - Promotional packagig is created annually to boost sales during the holidays. Licor 43 has both citrus and vanilla flavors, making it a very mixable liquor. The target audience for Licor 43 is primarily women between 25–35. The concept for the package was to show a fun party atmosphere with different people mixing together. Completed while with the Bailey Group.
Wink: Work at Play - Wink is a line of desk accessories that are intended to bring a playful sense of humor and delight to the office-place. The overall concept behind the line is that life does not have to be all work and no play.
Rick Landers
Senior Designer Jersey City, NJ