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Barrel and block with marking blue (Dykem) indicating cuts and holes that need to be made
The vertical mill was used to mill out the steps in the body block.
Steps post vertical mill
The horizontal mill was used to make the body blocks the correct thickness.
Spinnin' around
All that is left is for the end of the stock to be knurled and cut in to 4 wheels.
CNC Lathe
CNC Lathe spun barrel
The finished product
Engineering Processes

Engineering Processes is a class designed to take the students through the manufacturing processes of creating a model aluminum cannon. I learned to operate the lathe, band saw, drill press, and vertical and horizontal mills. I worked with a partner so one of us could spin the barrel of the cannon on the lathe and the other could operate the Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) lathe. This class also taught me a variety of welding types and CNC plasma cutting. Manufacturing has always been an interest of mine and I look forward to expanding my knowledge this semester by taking Analysis of Manufacturing Processes.

Enrico Cascio
AGV Lead Test Engineer Kingston, NY