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I replaced the barrel with copper piping and removed the air restictor.
The tape on the end of the barrel holds a rolled up piece of paper to further tighten the contact between the barrel and dart.
Any wiggle room was filled with hot glue.
The eight shooter was much more work but when it was completed I was very satisfied with the results.
Each air restictor was removed and each barrel was replaced with copper piping.
Paper filled any gaps between the darts and the barrel.
Nerf Gun Mods

When I was is Middle School I heard stories of college students who would run around campus having Nerf Gun battles. Needless to say I wanted to be ready when I graduated so I made sure I had the best weapons to work with. The modifications mostly involved removing the air restrictors with a dremel and making the barrels tighter around the foam darts so there was little to no loss in air flow. The results of the modifications where impressive and in some cases the range was more than doubled.

Enrico Cascio
AGV Lead Test Engineer Kingston, NY